3rd Week of Lent

 The 3rd Week of Lent
The Third Week of Lent
With this week, we conclude the first part of Lent.  We continue our lessons in the
faith, as our practices of Lent become deeper and more full of grace. We enter 
into this week reflecting upon the Scrutiny that makes up our intense prayer for 
those Elect, preparing for Baptism.  And, as we beg, as Church, that they be freed 
from sin and from all anxiety, we ask those same desires for ourselves. The 
simple and powerful words of the Opening Prayer guides our daily prayer.  
We continue to wake each morning, pausing to ask for the graces we desire for 
the day.  Throughout each day, the background of our thoughts and feelings is 
more and more taken up with what this journey means for our personal change 
of heart, the renewal of our Baptismal commitment to be placed with Jesus, 
and our growing desire to act in solidarity with the poor.  We go to bed each 
evening, after pausing to give thanks for the gifts of the day.


Were in the 3rd Week of Lent, First off How is everyone doing? Getting to know Jesus more this 
Lent? I think for the most part for me this Lent season is trying to calm myself down, I live in a
chaotic world situations and it makes me more depressed, more angry, and hostile and not 
really in a good mood. I am very sorry for that. So I would have to say it's a confession that I
am making. Hopeuflly it's forgiven and it makes me know I need to try and work that out!

If you our doing the Total Consecration were in the first week that started on Sunday and only  
another two weeks left before it’s completed!

In personal news for me I finally got a job, it’s part time, however I did see they were looking for a
 Supervisor position so I applied  for it yesterday. Wish me luck, I need a full time and I feel right, 
something different. I can’t place it at the moment.

I am not for sure how many of you have been suffering a cold, I been fighting it for the last 
couple of days and I not going to let it win out!

Well, that is about it for now , wish me luck on the new job, all of you keep up with the lent and 
we shall all make it!   If your in the snow path for this Monday, take it easy!