First off Welcome! I think what needs to be done here is overall some explanations and what we do here!

 First off, I started this community back in 2012, when I exited out of The Salvation Army rehab centre due to me being a drug and alcohol addiction.

 Overtime the community of course has grown on Facebook, I do enjoy Facebook a lot, some of the things I really don’t agree on with Facebook and I really more enjoy Google+ than anything else. I never really had a present online until now. Any ways I started working in 2012 and I had a fairly a good job that I enjoyed. I was doing good, however I started to get sick in the later half of 2012 and and 2013. When 2014 rolled around I was getting worse. By the end of January of 2014 I thought what was the flu turned out to be being a diabetic type 2. Yes I am extremely overweight!

 Depression really sat in on me of course, it was a life changer for me. I still did not feel well. I had problems with my urine tract and still do in fact have some problems with it. For the last 4 years it’s been rough for me. I am trying to get SSI, however since I did get the insulin pump back in 2016, my blood sugars have been doing remarkably  good! I have had one problem since I started to get better! I been sick for so long, obesity does not help, my age does not help either. I cannot find a employer that wants to hire me! I risk loosing my home, I am so worried about that, I am depress, anxiety hits me, I get panic attacks, it’s rough for me. 

 When I pray I feel calm, especially when I pray the rosary. All I want is to be diving into the BIBLE, reading the word! 

 It’s exciting times at the same time I am not for sure what is going to happen with me, so I ask you to pray for me so we can keep this community going. 

 In Christ OUR Brother,