Lenten Season is keeping me from breaking down

It’s been a busy week, trying to keep my head held high and getting a job. I am still hopeful on the Harbor Freight job and hopefully the background check comes back very soon.

Once this begins the time that I have here on the internet will be much more limited due to the fact that I will be working once again.

It’s really going to be a good feeling on having a job once again if everything comes back okay for me!

I wish I could say that things seem to be normal however a lot of things have changed. I am reflecting on things that have happened in my personal life. Things have changed in the past month. Loosing a family member is not that easy. Even though I may not show my sympathy, it’s not been easy for me. I just want release it all, however I am not for sure how to.

I guess the what is keeping me from breaking up and not thinking about it much is I am trying on getting a job at this moment and that may be helping me in the long run on keeping it together.

Any ways I hope all of you are following along with The Total Consecration, were starting on Day 7 on Tuesday and were 14 days into the Lenten season. Hope your spiritual connection with Jesus is going very good and that your learning!

I can’t think of anything else at this time to report so I will keep it simple and to the point and hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

Your Brother in Christ